Though there are a million reasons that you should lose those excess pounds we thought we would take a second and point out ten top ones, Hopefully these will help keep you on the road to your ideal weight. Please feel free to share these with everyone you know.

  1. Life is more fun when you are thin. It sounds crass but it is the truth. You have more energy and don't always feel like everyone thinks down of you.
  2. Your love life will be better. Be it more partners or simply longer sessions with the partner you have, this is a big one to help the guys stay on the road to healthy living.
  3. Your swimsuit will fit again. You know that you are lying when you tell yourself it shrunk. So do something about it. It took work to make it not fit, now lets get in to it again.
  4. You will live longer. This one should be #1 but people that are overweight do not always feel that their lives are worth elongating. Well 7 days from now you will know that it is!
  5. It is easy. Sounds like a weird reason? Well it isn't. Losing weight is easy when you know the right way to do it. So why not. Unless you like the way the couch moans when you sit down. I thought not.
  6. Your outlook will improve. This is a fact, healthier people are more at peace with themselves and the future. They know that their bodies have a lot of life in them and they are living it up. Now is the time to join them.
  7. Do all the things that you don't do anymore because they are too hard when you are heavy. Have you gone rollerblading yet? Or what about that ski trip you always dreamed about. Now you can join in the fun that you have seen others having all this time.
  8. Your children/spouse. You owe it to them to be around for years and years to come, and being over weight is one of the biggest killers in America.
  9. Because you want to. You know you do or you wouldn't be reading this still so why not get going and lose that weight today. It doesn't have to be hard or take a bunch of will power.
  10. So you will love yourself again. When you were a small child did you stare at the mirror and sigh and say how much you hate your body? No you were to busy loving life, and that is what all this is about.