One of the biggest things that makes it hard to lose weight is that the bodies natural defensives make weight loss hard. To understand this phenomenon, we have to go back to our earliest ancestors. In those days it was hard for us to keep the proper intake of nutrients because we had not mastered the finer art of growing our own food, so we sort of ate what ever we could get our hands on, which more often than not was fruit, nuts, seeds, and berries. However that left very little energy to expend on anything else as we were taking in such a low caloric diet, however that is where meat came in to play, Our bodies got loads of calories and fat at one time and learned to store them away as we could not always have meat when ever we needed it. So what you are really dealing with here is about a million years of coding that tells you that the fatty foods are good and to store fat when ever we go a short time with out as to make sure that our reserves last as long as possible.

So does this mean that all is lost? That you are destined for a lifetime of being overweight? Not at all, just like a hacker can reverse engineer a program to crack into it so can doctors with the human coding, and that is just what they have done with this program. By giving yourself the right foods at the right times you can actually trigger what your next craving will be and be ready with the right foods to fit the bill, all of which you can eat till you cant eat anymore and never gain a pound because your body will be craving things that are low in calories and high in protein. Combine this with controlled intake of fatty foods so the body doesn't say "oh oh I am being starved here" and you have a guaranteed road to success.