Why does it work?
This is a simple question that has a very simple answer. This diet was developed by a team of doctors to meet one criteria, make overweight people lose weight fast, But we are not talking to lose it fast so thier jeans fit better. No the reason was a bit more dramatic than that. This diet was developed to make people lose weight so that they stood a better chance of survival when they had heart surgery. They needed a way to take someone who is overweight and out of shape and get them healthier fast. This diet was developed and is used today by some of the top hospitals around the country. This is not a "normal" diet. Here is what makes it so successful


The body has cravings and if you do not meet those cravings your body thinks it is being starved and stores the fat.

Unlike any other diet this diet does not say do not eat what you are craving in fact quite the opposite eat as much as you want. Why? Because by the second day what you are eating is setting up the next days cravings. So what you will be craving for is exactly what you will be eating, it is designed that way, to deprive your body the calories while not allowing your body to know your are doing it.

Chemically Sound

Your body like your car needs energy to make it go, your car takes gas and you take many different elements that make up a healthy palate. If however you try and avoid one area (say fat) then your body knows something is wrong and refuses to let go of its stores. So the trick is to chemically trick your body into thinking it is not dieting, and the way to do this is to eat certain foods at certain times.